The isolation of self-employment

can ruin your productivity, mess with your confidence, and make you feel lonely or left out.

we've got a solution for you​

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share² spaces

virtual coworking space for business builders everywhere

We are a dynamic community of smart, hard-working entrepreneurs sharing, collaborating, and motivating each other toward success in a virtual coworking space.

Simply put, we’re better together.

We make it easy to...

Stay Focused

We provoide opportunities nearly everyday to work on specific business related tasks, individually or in group settings.

Create new connections

Join our community and foster professional and personal connections that can make you feel less isolated as you reach your business goals.

Be more accountable

Accomplish more by letting our community members hold you accountable for finishing your to-do list.

Get feedback on ideas

This platform has built-in opportunities for you to ask questions, give and get feedback and collaborate on ideas with a community of like-minded business builders in real time.

Work from anywhere

Share² Spaces is a web-based platform. Whether you work from home, from your local coffee shop, or from a park bench, our platform and your work community is always a click away.

Reach your goals

Your business growth is reliant on creating and attaining specific goals. Our platform is designed to help you get there.

Self-employment is hard

We get it. We're on our own, too!

We understand the frustration of having to figure out every. single. thing by ourselves.

We get the exhaustion that comes from of working and re-working problems because we have no one to ask: “hey, can you take a look at this?”

We live with the same distractions, lack of accountability and isolation that arise for all business builders who work from home.

That's why we built this platform

I'm Jackie

I’m the Co-Founder of Share² Spaces, and I built this platform because it is exactly what I need to power up my business.

I had a feeling that I wasn’t the only one, so for the last year I researched and tested. Based on those results and hundreds of comments I’ve seen in private Facebook groups, it’s looks like what you might need, too.

Watch this video and see how this platform can help you be more productive, feel more accountable, and have greater confidence in your business.

join us

get connected
get a lot more done
have more fun doing it

we're better together

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