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I think self-employment is great and I’ve been doing it for a really long time, but there are three major drawbacks with working from home or working in an environment that is not in a traditional office space and that is, I am way less productive than when there’s other people around. I have no one to be accountable to. You can make the argument that I’m accountable to my customers and of course I am, but in a very real and visceral way. I’m not accountable to anybody on any given day. And finally it’s really lonely. I miss the ability to be able to look up from my cubicle. I hate saying this, but it’s true. And just being able to blurt out a question to somebody walking by who would have the answer for whatever I need a, I don’t know about you, but I know I spent countless hours chasing down the Internet, googling this, that, and the other thing to try to find an answer to what is probably a very simple question for somebody else to answer.


But I lose my day and searching, trying to figure it all ou

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