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Hosted by Jackie Bernardi

Jackie Bernardi hosts Arthur Jones
Jackie Bernardi

Arthur Jones – Ep #010

Arthur Jones, a marketing consultant, shares his insights on how stories – both personal and professional – can help individuals and businesses develop their culture and brand. Listen in and learn how Art’s methods of story-listening, story-doing, and story-telling can guide you toward your own unique brand strategy.

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Jackie Bernardi hosts Melanie Bundock
Jackie Bernardi

Melanie Bundock Ep #009

Melanie Bundock is a coach and expert in helping people tap into their big vision and achieve the goals they set for themselves. Listen to this episode to add some new tools to your success kit.

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Jackie Bernardi

Jackie Bernardi

This week I’m taking to the airwaves and opening up about my own struggles with persistence, especially when the voice of doubt fills my head. Listen in to hear my top two techniques for quieting that voice so you, too, can slay this self-defeating dragon.

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Michael Bernardi
Jackie Bernardi

Michael Bernardi Ep #007

Michael Bernardi, an actor of stage and screen, has a remarkable story of perseverance, good fortune, and financial devastation. Michael opens up about how the incredible miracle he experienced when he landed his dream role on Broadway …

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Scott Smith
Jackie Bernardi

Scott Smith Ep #006

Listening on purpose is the foundation of Motivational Listening and today’s guest Scott Smith is a master. Follow along as his family and work history come together to create a way of listening that moves his clients forward in their businesses.

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